New improvements added to version 7.0

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A new maintenance build for version 7.0 (2171) has been released. Apart from some bug fixes it includes a number of improvements that many customers have been asking for. These include:

– Ability to send outgoing emails using multiple email accounts. This can be especially useful for multi-tenanted applications. The SEND action of the Rule Language now supports SEND … USING (EmailAccount) syntax, where the developer specifies the details of the specific account he wants to use when sending emails.

– Ability to specify new tab properties when directing output of operations to a new tab. This applies to panel operations on a form or query, menu item commands and output of content panels in visual perspectives. The properties of the new tab that can be specified include the name and ID of the tab, the icon, margins, as well as the style and class of the tab.

– Ability to close tabs from processes. The Rule Language now supports the CLOSE TAB action that closes one or more tabs with the specified ID.

– Ability to specify alignment, font, background color and other styles for column headers in grids.

For more details please see the User Guide and the Rule Language Reference.

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