Key Features

With Aware IM you can develop applications extremely fast. This is accomplished by the following:

Aware IM uses non-procedural business rules powered by a sophisticated rule engine instead of hundreds of lines of procedural code.

Consider this example with customers and invoices:
Invoice has this rule: Invoice.AmountOpen = Invoice.TotalAmount – Invoice.TotalPaid
Customer has this rule: Customer.TotalOwed = SUM Invoice.AmountOpen WHERE (Invoice IN Customer.OwnedInvoices)

Compare the following 2 rules to the logic that would be required whenever an invoice is entered, deleted, changed, payment applied, payment changed in any other development environment. There is NO need to specify WHEN this should happen. The rules engine knows when rules should be triggered and is recursive, so, for instance, if a payment has been applied to an invoice, then the Invoice rule is run. The engine realizes that the AmountOpen is used in another rule, so that rule is triggered.

Aware IM uses business objects rather than SQL tables. Business objects are similar to SQL Views but with the ability to access attributes of children and parent objects in forms and in business rules.

Customer.Account.Status = ‘OPEN’ This rule accesses the Status attribute of the Account object related to the Customer object

The entire development environment is stored in the database, not in flat source files

  • Adding, changing, deleting attributes automatically propagate to the appropriate forms
  • Database is altered to support any changes in the structure of business objects

Aware IM is OS/database/device agnostic

  • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • While the system can access underlying databases (for Stored Procedures, views, etc.), the application is DB independent

Access level-based UI ensures that different categories of users only see and access what they are supposed to and are served different screens, themes and menus

PDF Reports, Word/Excel/HTML documents are built in

  • Create your reports using the embedded Report Designer
  • import Word, Excel, HTML document templates and let Aware IM populate them with data
  • Create calendars and schedulers easily
  • Send and receive emails, define business rules determining what happens when an email is received
  • Responsive design supports different devices and resolutions
  • Forms can encapsulate other forms or grids