Application Development Services

We are here to help with development of express applications, complete applications, plugins or general support.

Express Applications

The best way to learn Aware IM is to study by example, and the best example is your specific task. Because Aware IM is very efficient, and because we know our product well, we can build a base application for you literally within a few hours. You will get a working application that you can take over, enhance and extend to cover all your needs. To order a base application, send us a summary, description, or functional specification for your task. We will review it and tell you what will be included in the base applications. The cost of building a base application is US $999.

Complete application development

We can also build an entire application for you from ground up. Whether you have a full functional specification or just a basic idea of what your application should do, we will work with you to ensure you get a complete functional application that works for you. We can then keep updating your working application as your requirements change over time. You imagine it, we build it!

Custom plug-ins and extensions

In computing, a plug-in (or add-in / addin, plugin, extension or add-on / addon) is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing software application. When an application supports plug-ins, it enables customization. We can help you if you need to add plug-ins to Aware IM, for example to connect Aware IM to other software systems or to implement some special functionality. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Customer support

There are a number of resources to help you get the most out of Aware IM:

  1. Browse through Aware IM User Guide, How To and other documents located in the DOC folder under your Aware IM installation folder. They have plenty of very detailed information on using Aware IM.
  2. Watch Video Tutorials. They show how to work with Aware IM, create and improve Aware IM applications and use the sample applications supplied with Aware IM.
  3. Check out the sample applications supplied with Aware IM, accessible by clicking Help – Sample Applications in the Aware IM Control Panel. They are a great way to see how things are done in Aware IM and learn by example.
  4. Search the Aware IM User Forums. Chances are that your issue has already been discussed over the years so you might just find an answer. If not, post your message so that other Aware IM users may want to offer their suggestions. Although our support engineers check the forums frequently, please note that it is not a formal support channel.
  5. Purchase a premium support ticket if you have an urgent issue and want a timely reply from our support team. A premium support request is answered within 24 hours, costs US $60, is good for a single issue, covers up to 30 minutes of our time, and ensures the most efficient handling of your issue.
  6. If you want premium support but do not want the complications of purchasing support tickets every time please sign up for one of our yearly support plans. With support plans you have peace of mind that we will attend to all your requests in a timely manner. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] for more details about support plans.

We have been using Aware IM for the past 7 years and it has evolved rapidly. The product is simply superb and we are amazed with its capabilities. Application development was never so rapid for us and now, we are also quick in making deliveries on time. For us, it’s a new definition of SDLC. Our customers are happy and my staff says “I AM AWARE” when they use Aware IM.”

Manoj Pipersania

Never have I been able to develop business applications as fast as with Aware IM. Instant results with a professional looking user interface and superb database integration.Building the application while I was discussing it with the end user was something I never thought possible in my 20 years of programming experience. When I encountered a problem the incredible fast support was never short of a helping hand and super advice which helped me in building better applications.

Wido Jansen

We’ve been searching for and testing various Rapid Application Development (RAD) candidates for the last 12 months. In this time we’ve seriously trialled both Wakanda and WaveMaker and built test Apps using both of them. Both of these tools were (and are) impressive but fell short in some critical capacities that we needed when we starting building ‘real Apps’. I do have to admit they both have more attractive ‘configuration’ UI’s than Aware IM and I think that might help them in terms of initial take up. But their UI is the only win I can give them over AwareIM. Once you get the hang of how AwareIM works and discover how complete it is you realize how superficial the initial UI ‘look and feel’ comparison is.

Dave Tehan

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