Sample Applications

Click on the links below to see Aware IM in action. The sample applications are managed by Aware IM installed on an Internet-accessible server. To see the application design, please download and install the evaluation version. If your Internet connection is slow, you can use the evaluation version to run these same web applications on your own computer for better performance. You can use these applications as practical examples for learning Aware IM or as a starting point for your own applications.


This is an example of a real world and a very successful product that manages Sheet Metal and Fabrication business The product was implemented in Aware IM. To login use james as user name and james as password.

Sales Portal

This fully responsive application represents a portal for a manager of sales. Allows sales manager to view sales figures across different areas, performance of team members, orders and line items.

Issue Resolution

This is a sample issue resolution application. The application allows staff members of an organization to register issues (problems, suggestions, etc) and track their progress until resolved.


The application manages customer details and communication history. It automatically registers incoming e-mails, allows sending outgoing e-mails, keeps track of discussion threads.

Funeral Buddy

This is an example of a real world product for funeral homes that manages all aspects of the funeral business. The product was implemented in Aware IM.

To login as administrator use admin as user name and laserquote as password. To login as funeral director use jake as user name and jake as password

Other Sample Applications