Aware IM 8.3 is now available with new features

Version 8.3 builds on the success of the previous versions and adds enhanced support for consuming REST-ful services of other software systems, adds graphical representation of objects, relationships and processes and introduces a number of other imrprovements. Read on for a full list of features below.

1. Enhanced Support for REST-ful services

Aware IM can now automatically discover REST-ful services exposed by other software systems if these systems provide files describing their services in the OpenAPI format. Required objects representing requests and replies of the services are automatically created. It is now also possible to send multi-part REST-ful requests containing binary data and receive replies in the binary format. In addition it is now possible to secure REST-ful services exposed by Aware IM applications with an OAuth 2.0 flow.

video2.pngWatch video tutorial about REST-ful services in version 8.3


2. Relationship Diagrams

It is now possible to see diagramatic representation of all or selected business objects and relatioships between them. In addition it is possible to create relationships between objects graphically.


3. Process Diagrams

It is now possible to represent Aware IM processes as flow-charts.


5. Other Improvements

Version 8.3 also contains many small improvements that our customers have been asking us about – support for Maria DB database, integration with the latest version of Font Awesome, support for database sequences, support for comments in business rules and many other improvements.

How to get the new version

If you hold an Aware IM license, simply login to your account and click Update on your license form.