Version 7.1 has been released!    

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Aware IM 7.1 released

Aware IM 7.1 is now available with new features Version 7.1 adds to the impressive list of Aware IM features and builds on…
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Aware IM 7.0 released

Aware IM 7.0 is now available New in version 7.0 Aware IM 7.0 is the most exciting version – ever. It includes no…
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Aware IM 6.0 Released

Aware IM 6.0 is now available New in version 6.0 Aware IM 6.0 is the most recent and the most robust Aware IM…
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Aware IM 5.9 Released

New in version 5.9 Aware IM 5.9 is the most significant update since version 5.0. It is literally packed with goodies. Read on…
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