Live web applications

Would you like to see Aware IM in action? Then click on a sample application link below. These web applications are managed by Aware IM installed on an Internet-accessible server. To see the application design, please download and install the evaluation version.

If your Internet connection is slow, you can use the evaluation version to run these same web applications on your own computer for better performance. You can use these applications as practical examples for learning Aware IM or as a starting point for your own applications.

Sample Applications

This application allows administrators to set up events that attendees of the events can register for. The application showcases Aware IM custom HTML capabilities as well as using custom HTML in standard grids.


This is a sample issue resolution application. The application allows staff members of an organization to register issues (problems, suggestions, etc) and track their progress until resolved. The application demonstrates many Aware IM features including business rules, automatic forms, dashboards, graphs. It also showcases the new modern-looking theme.

The application manages resources of a public library and allows library members to borrow and reserve library items. It keeps track of member activity, payments and communication history. Members can self-register and access the library application online to search library catalog, check or renew their loans and make reservations.The application demonstrates many Aware IM features including business rules, access control, automatic forms, reports, scheduling, and many more


The application allows authors to maintain their photo albums and guests – to view these albums. Authors can create albums, upload photos, drag and drop photos between albums.The application demonstrates many Aware IM features including picture attributes, custom query views, drag and drop, multiple file upload and more.


This is a sample project management application. It allows users to create projects, tasks, dependencies and view them on a Gantt chart. The application showcases Aware IM Gantt chart feature along with many others

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