Aware IM Runtime

Aware IM Runtime licenses must be purchased by developers who want to distribute their Aware IM applications for installation on computers of their customers. Only developers who previously purchased the Developer Edition are eligible to purchase Aware IM Runtime licenses. Each installation of Aware IM Runtime requires a separate license.

The distribution package is automatically generated by the runtime builder and contains the following:

  1. Aware IM Runtime Engine (that includes a web server) to run a single application accessible by multiple users.
  2. Built-in database engine (Derby). Can also use other databases.
  3. Bundled application.

Aware IM Runtime editions and prices

For prices on additional user license options please click here.


$499Small Business
  •   Up to 5 employees
  •   Oracle (option)
  •   Active Directory / LDAP Support (option)
  •   SQL Server (option)


$2599Medium Company
  •   Up to 50 employees
  •   Oracle (option)
  •   Active Directory / LDAP Support (option)
  •   SQL Server (option)


Contact UsLarge Corporation
  •   More than 50 employees
  •   Oracle (option)
  •   Active Directory / LDAP Support (option)
  •   SQL Server (option)

* Only employees of your customer that are using the system need to be covered by a license.

  1. All prices are in US dollars.
  2. All Aware IM Runtime editions include free updates (maintenance releases and new features) for 1 year from the date of purchase. After 1 year each update costs 50% of the regular price and includes subsequent free updates for another year. The regular price is a total of the price of the Aware IM Runtime edition at the time of the update and the price of all previously purchased product options and additional user licenses at the time of the update.
  3. Product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.