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Aware IM is a low code web application builder, designed for rapid, robust and scalable development.
It comes pre-packed with most — if not all — of what you’ll need to build enterprise-level business management applications,
uses a non-procedural, rule-based approach, which makes development as simple and intuitive as it gets, is based on Java, so you get to “build once, run anywhere”, and is fully customizable, so nothing will hinder your creativity.

Aware IM

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You’ve really created a revolutionary system that will leave a legacy! I have no development background and my learning curve in the beginning was a bit slow but now I am already building some awesome apps because your system is so easy to understand and so well designed.
Hein Hanekom,
This software is amazing. I have always thought that such a system should be possible. Let me congratulate you on an awesome work! I have accomplished more in one weekend that I have done in about 3 months with Adobe software.
Wade Naziri, MD NC, USA
We have been using Aware IM for the past 7 years and it has evolved rapidly. The product is simply superb and we are amazed with its capabilities. Application development was never so rapid for us and now, we are also quick in making deliveries on time. For us, it’s a new definition of SDLC. Our customers are happy and my staff says “I AM AWARE” when they use Aware IM.
Manoj Pipersania, CEO/Founder SoftServ Solutions

Why Develop with Aware IM?


Aware IM innately takes care of the full stack and includes all key components of a full fledged app, so you get to begin as close as possible to the finish line, right from the start.


Aware IM uses a non-procedural, rule-based approach to development, which means, simply put, that you only need to specify what you want — the how is taken care of automatically. Development doesn’t get much simpler than that.


Aware IM consists of Java code under the hood, so it will run in exactly the same way on any popular operating system, device and database.


Aware IM is fully customizable. From looks to functionality, you get to decide what’s what.

  Great community

Aware IM-ers like helping each other out and sharing their experience and expertise. The Aware IM forum is a treasure trove of useful information, as well as a welcoming place to ask questions, and the Aware IM linkedin developers group is another great option to do just that, as well as to keep up to date with Aware IM news.

  Great support

Our customers’ success is our success, and it’s our job to make developing with Aware IM a joy. Why wouldn’t it be?

No need to overthink this…

You can find out in under 10 minutes if Aware IM is a right fit for you. Simply start a free trial and follow this 8 minutes tutorial series to build a basic, yet fully functional app.

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