1. Everywhere in this document “business object” also implies “business object groups”, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  2. The syntax of the Rule Language expressions is specified using the BNF notation. Some of the constructs of the BNF notation are explained below:
    1. “|” symbol indicates a choice of several keywords or expressions. For example, the expression
      (INCREASE | REDUCE) AttributeIdentifier()
      indicates that either the INCREASE or REDUCE keyword may precede the Attribute Identifier.
    2. indicates zero or more. For example the following expression,
      PredicateExpression () (“AND” PredicateExpression())*
      indicates that there is at least one PredicateExpression followed by zero or more combinations of AND PredicateExpression constructs.
    3. [some expression] indicates that the expression in square brackets is optional. For example the expression,
      SEND Id() TO AttributeIdentifier() [VIA ChannelName]
      indicates that the VIA keyword followed by the channel name may or may not be used.
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