A new maintenance build for version 7.1 (2235) has been released. Apart from some bug fixes it includes a number of improvements. These include:

– Aware IM can now perform automatic synchronization with a wide range of external calendars. Aware IM intelligently synchronizes events in the external calendar and the Aware IM database. Previously only Google calendars were supported for automatic synchronization. With this new release Aware IM can now also synchronize with MS Outlook, iCloud, Exchange and Office 365 calendars.

– When a result of an operation is displayed in a new tab Aware IM can now intelligently decide if a tab with the displayed record has already been opened and select the existing tab instead of always opening a new one. Also, it is now possible to call an Aware IM process when a tab gets focus.

– Advanced users familiar with Javascript can now run Javascript from an Aware IM process.

For more details please see the User Guide, the How To Guide and the Rule Language Reference.