FR - TODO records

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FR - TODO records

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So, I've just come back to a piece of work that I started a few months ago. Then the phone rang, then I had to do something else then before I knew it months had passed and I was trying to debug something else and then I realised I hadn't finished the thing I started before the phone rang.

If I had a TODO record that I could create and attache to everything all the way down to the attribute level, I would have been able to specify the three steps I had to carry out.

If I could create TODO records, it would be handy to be able to see a list of those TODO items as a separate screen. And if I could create a report of them that would be awesome.

It would be the next step from creating an Impact Assessment for a change. Create an impact assessment report. Then find the elements I need to change, then create TODO records for each of the steps I need to carry out.

It would be a real saving on paper notes and swear jar contributions. For me at least.
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Re: FR - TODO records

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:idea: :idea: x 1000
I agree this would make life easier
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