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#53202 by ddumas
Wed Feb 19, 2020 7:59 pm
I have a Query that is tagged to auto-refresh (refresh properties for the query) when a particular process (EXEC_SP stored proc) is run. The query is not refreshing. The process has indeed run. I check in the database, and the record which the query is based on has changed with the new values.

So, I expect the query to "refresh" itself based on the auto-refresh rules set as above.

As proof, when I click on the AIM refresh button above the query, and it refreshes the data correctly.

So, I believe this is a bug.

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#53217 by ddumas
Thu Feb 20, 2020 12:53 pm
aware_support wrote:Not just scheduling. If a process is started by rules, it will not cause auto-refresh either.

In other words, auto-refresh is only sensitive to processes (and objects) started (or edited) by the user explicitly,

The auto-refresh rules allow you to select processes that will trigger auto-refresh. So it sounds like this may be a good opportunity to fix this, so that it works. As a stop gap, is there any "Refresh Query xxx" action that I can add to the process, or something that will actually trigger the query to refresh? Ex There is a refresh button for the query that works, so sounds like the code is already built and we just need a refresh action to call it.

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