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#52092 by Jaymer
Fri Nov 15, 2019 3:39 am
This happens when running a APK (Android) and logging into BSV.
I can display a Query that uses Custom DATA Template but NOT Custom Mobile Template.

I created new test query from scratch. Slowly added things. Both templates work fine logging into app and using the Mobile VP. But come in from Native login on a Android phone, and you only see brief spinner and NO Grid displays. The Output window always shows this correctly:

Got XML request <root><query_layout_action query_name='InventoryMobile' >

You just get no output on the phone.
I was trying this from a Display Panel on the main login window.
And I also put the Query on a menu command.
Still no output, only quick spinner.

Anyone else ever had issues with this?
8.3 bld 2629 very recent

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