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#51441 by Jaymer
Mon Aug 26, 2019 3:54 am
Similar to the Spinner on a numeric field in a Grid, what if I don't want the Date Picker taking up space in the Filter?
Turns out that I'm unable to manually enter a date to filter on and MUST use the picker.
(this is for a field with Timestamp datatype - unsure of others. AND, this has nothing to do with which Widget was selected to use with the date field - thats for Forms)

Using the keyboard to enter a date doesn't seem to trigger the filter-begin mechanism in Kendo... yet using the keyboard to delete/backspace over a date will filter back to all records when exiting the field.

Timestamps that contain seconds have always been a pain to filter on because you're only entering a date part and it wont find the rec if "invisible" to you there's a time stored.

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