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#44034 by bkonia
Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:27 pm
I'd like to propose more convenient access to query string parameters, as well as POST, COOKIE and SESSION support.

Presently, it's a pain to access the query string parameters. You have to create a persistent object, then create a process that takes that object as its input. Then you have to call the process with firstCommand, including the query string parameters you want to pass to the process via the object. This is way too complicated for something so simple.

Aware IM should have a GET object that's always in context. Then you could access any query string parameter with GET.MyParameter. Same thing for POST.

Finally, AIM should be able to read/write cookies using a COOKIE object and read/write session variables using a SESSION object. If you want to store a cookie in the user's browser, it should be as simple as COOKIE.MyCookie = 'Some Value'.

This functionality would vastly simplify many aspects of AIM, eliminating the need to create objects simply for the purpose of passing query string parameters, eliminating the need to create processes for stuff that could be done in business rules, if the rules had access to these objects, etc...

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