Contains tips for configurators working with Aware IM
#44431 by PointsWell
Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:32 am
So after about a month of staring blankly not understanding why something wasn't working I have worked out (with Vlad's invaluable assistance) how not to use AutoRefresh on a Grid when I have a Create button on the same grid.

There are some specific steps here:

Query on BO ABC
Autorefresh on New Object ABC
Create New Object button in the Query

If your BO has relationships to other BOs and you enable the creation of those child BOs at the same time as you creating the parent BO then this triggers the AutoRefresh condition.

When the AutoRefresh trips it will shut your form gracelessly (and save an incomplete BO in the DB).

The fix for this is to create the BO from a process and then use that process as the trigger for the AutoRefresh. Then limit the creation of BO to that process and not the CREATE OBJECT grid operation.

Thanks Vlad!

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