Contains tips for configurators working with Aware IM
#43763 by UnionSystems
Thu Jun 22, 2017 9:22 pm
This came from a client requesting the ability to enter dates without having to type a delimiter (eg enter 230617 rather than the required date format of 23/06/2017).

In the configuration tool add the following code to Presentation > Advanced for the date field

Code: Select allconfig.config.parseFormats =  [ "dd-MM-yyyy",  "ddMMyyyy", "ddMMyy" ];

Then the user will be able to input the following strings to represent 23/06/2017
Note the sequence of the formats is important as the first one to match is used.

Rather than doing this for every date field in your business space you can create this as a single javascript function in your CUSTOM/JS folder

Code: Select allfunction AllowedDateFormats(dateField) {
dateField.parseFormats =  [ "dd-MM-yyyy",  "ddMMyyyy", "ddMMyy" ];

Then call it from all the date fields by inserting the following in the configuration tool Presentation > Advanced

Code: Select allAllowedDateFormats(config.config);

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