Contains tips for configurators working with Aware IM
#28790 by hpl123
Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:04 am
Hi all,
This is tip on how to configure the html editor options for example which buttons / commands available etc. NB: This is a core extjs hack and affects all applications. It might be possible to do this per application, haven´t tried this yet (if you do and find a solution please share your findings).

1. Open file: C:\AwareIM\Tomcat\webapps\AwareIM\ext-4.1.0\ext-all.js

2. Search for "enableformat" (this is one of the commands you can change and in this same "code" segment there are also other commands e.g. lists, fonts etc. etc.

3. Change settings for exampel FROM: "enableFormat:true;" TO "enableFormat:false;" to disable the format options.
#28793 by hpl123
Tue Jun 10, 2014 5:28 pm
Here is how you do it per attribute i.e. in a single htmleditor attribute:

1. Open the attribute with the html editor

2. Go to the "Presentation" options and choose "Advanced" option

3. Type in the setting you want to change and start the setting code with "c." e.g. "c.enableFormat=false;". Use the last entry in this post to find the options you can change alternatively browse the extjs documentation.

NB: I have tried this for the format options only and think it will work for the other options as well.

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