Dynamic Labels

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Dynamic Labels

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I am probably teaching grandmothers in the art of egg sucking here, but...

I have a BO that relates to multiple currencies.

BO has:
psCurrency - a peer relationship to a list of currencies
scCurrencyISO3 - a short cut to the ISO currency code in psCurrency
Amount - a number field

I was today years old when I realised that I could use an attribute / shortcut to define the label of another attribute.

Label for Amount is set to <<BO.scCurrencyISO3>> and now I don't have to fiddle about with grouping attributes on forms.

Mind blown.

** Note as at 13 Oct 2021 - if you change the name of the BO AIM does not rename this in the Label**
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Re: Dynamic Labels

Post by joben »

This is good advice that I am sure not everyone is aware of.

Somewhat related: The <<BO.Attribute>> tag can also be used in panel header texts and panel operation buttons. We use this religiously 8)
Regards, Joakim

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