Sample BSV: Tags and Save Search Demo / Proof of Concept

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Sample BSV: Tags and Save Search Demo / Proof of Concept

Post by tford »

Merry Christmas everyone! Here is a little present for the community:

I put together a Proof of Concept that shows how to:
1) Tag Prospect instances with one or more tags
2) Filter Prospect instances using both Tags to Include & Tags to Exclude from the filtered Prospect query
3) Save Search criteria for use at a later time.
Tags and Saved Search 2018 12 28 by Tom
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This demo BSV was built using V8.2 (build 2569)

Overview of key tools used to accomplish this:
1) Selected Tags to Include & Exclude are stored in LoggedInRegularUser
2) Because of #1, when a user comes back later to a session, they pick up where they left off with the Tag filters
3) Include and Exclude tag lists are each stored in their own LIRU reference attribute
4) The key to the Query named: "Prospects with Selected Tags and NOT Excluded Tags" is this FIND:

FIND Prospect WHERE EXISTS Tag WHERE (Tag IN Prospect.Tags AND Tag IN LoggedInRegularUser.Search_Tags_Included) AND COUNT Tag WHERE (Tag IN Prospect.Tags AND Tag IN LoggedInRegularUser.Search_Tags_Excluded)=0 ORDER BY Prospect.Name

5) Tag lists from #3 above can be stored in instances of Saved_Search BO and recalled for later use at the click of a button

To set up the BSV with some data, do the following:
1) Click 'New Tag' to create this Tag: *ALL
This tag has to be created exactly as it written for a rule to fire accurately to all the *ALL tag to each new Prospect instance that is created (thanks to Jaymer for this idea)
2) Use 'New Tag' to create as many other Tag instances as you'd like
3) Use 'New Prospect' instance to create some Prospect instances and assign some tags

Now to do a test run of filtering by Tag combinations & doing a Save Search:
1) Use green + to select tag(s) to Include in the Prospect list
2) Use red - to select tag(s) to Exclude from the Prospect list
** The Prospect list auto-refreshes as these buttons are clicked
3) Tags chosen in #1 and #2 are moved to columns to clearly show the search criteria. Use red - to remove any of these Tags from these lists.

Saved Search:
1) Click 'Save Current Search' to name & save the current tag search combination
2) Click 'Saved Search List' & click magnifying glass to activate that saved search. Screen will automatically show the result of activating this Saved Search.

Note that if you want to fix a saved search in any way, you can simply perform #2 above, fix the criteria you want to change, and perform #1 again.

Feel free to make adjustments to this sample BSV with improvements and post for others to see.
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Re: Sample BSV: Tags and Save Search Demo / Proof of Concept

Post by eagles9999 »

Nice Demo Tom.

No to just understand how it works :-)
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