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#45124 by bkonia
Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:59 am
The tree control in Aware IM seems to function like a grid, that enables you to add references in a hierarchical fashion. However, it provides no way to select existing hierarchical references.

For instance, I have a three-level self-referencing hierarchy. The top level contains two categories. Each of these categories contains numerous subcategories and each of these subcategories contains a list of items. I want the user to be able to expand a top-level item to display the list of subcategories, then expand each subcategory and using checkboxes, select the items he wants added as references to the top-level BO. So it's like cascading select boxes, except it's all contained within one control and you can select arbitrary items under any of the subcategories.

The Kendo UI tree control definitely supports checkboxes, so I'd like to request that this be implemented in Aware IM. It would be kind of a hybrid between the existing checkbox and tree controls, displaying the hierarchy in a tree, with a checkbox for each item, as demonstrated on the above-referenced Kendo UI page. Also, as with the existing tree control, I'd like to be able to differentiate between folders and leaves, with the option to make all items selectable or only leaves.

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