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It would be great if we had a SET PROPERTY action in the rules language that would allow us to set field properties dynamically, overriding the static values set in the Configurator. There are hundreds of uses for this, but here's a quick example of how it could be used:

Suppose we have cascading dropdowns, in which the first dropdown asks the user what type of vehicle he wants to lease. Maybe the options are Car, Truck, etc... The next dropdown populates with either a list of cars or trucks, but in addition to populating the list dynamically, we also want to update the LABEL depending on the vehicle type selected. So if the user selects "Car", the dependent dropdown label changes to, "What type of car would you like to lease?" To accomplish this using a SET PROPERTY action, we could do something like:

If VehicleLease.VehicleType = 'Car' Then
SET PROPERTY VehicleLease.VehicleManufacturers.Label = 'What type of car would you like to lease?'

Here's another example:

Suppose we have a Country dropdown and depending on which country is selected, it displays either a dropdown containing US states or a plain input box for other countries. Also, if the user selects US or Canada, it sets the Phone input mask for US/Canadian phone format:

If VehicleLease.Country = 'United States' Then
SET PROPERTY VehicleLease.State.Widget = 'Combo-box'
SET PROPERTY VehicleLease.State.Choices = 'Alabama;Alaska;etc'
SET PROPERTY VehicleLease.Phone.InputMask = '(000) 000-0000'
SET PROPERTY VehicleLease.State.Widget = 'Text box'
SET PROPERTY VehicleLease.Phone.InputMask = UNDEFINED
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Post by BenHayat »

Wow, this would be a powerful feature in Aware.
Nice FR Brad!

I hope support is reading these great wish list.
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