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#43994 by PointsWell
Wed Jul 19, 2017 5:00 am
At the moment you can put AIM operations at the top/bottom/right/left of a panel (as well as other places, but always at the edges)

However if you have a flow of a form requiring operations to happen as the eye passes down the page then it is sometimes necessary for a button to appear outside those t/b/l/r locations.

I know I can use HTML to create buttons, but this creates a mishmash of different languages (for the want of a better expression).

At the moment I am trying to add new relations to a master BO. I can use the panel for that relationship but then I get into another issue... I cannot explicitly save the form from the panel, to the user gets interrupted with a confusing Do you want to save message box. If I could insert an AIM Operation at this point then I have it Save the form and then execute another process.

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