FR - Process Diagram Modifications

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FR - Process Diagram Modifications

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Have been thinking about this a lot over the last two days. I find the diagrams useful for debugging monsters that I have created but I think that they could be a lot better.

At the moment the diagram places a block and then a code fragment, unfortunately these code fragments could be long and the diagram only shows a snippet. If you have two blocks doing something similar then you have to rely on clicking the block and looking at a single line of code at the bottom of the screen. This limits the utility of the diagrams.

Diagrams typically are a means to simplify things so with that in mind perhaps the blocks on the diagram could just show the function that is being called and the BO that it is affecting.

So in the example below, the process block in the diagram just contains the Function or Action that is being called with the BO name below. Instead of the small box at the bottom of the diagram you could have a larger text area to the right (in the grey outline). When you select the block on the diagram then you could show the detail on the right hand side.

This would make the diagram more readable. The challenge with the IF statements is that these are not simple to show, if you were using simple IF statements you could probably do something but I think it would a lot of hard work, so in my simplified version you only need to know that it is an IF statement you could move the complexity onto the right hand text panel. Maybe someone else has some suggestions on that.
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