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#53325 by Jaymer
Thu Feb 27, 2020 11:52 pm
The Combo box implementation needs to make a lightspeed jump!

For a simple pulldown, its fine.

1) We have seen from posts here, that people need more flexibility in the data in the combo.
The Custom layout only applies to when you pulldown (selected), not in collapsed mode. The Custom layout ability is very nice.
But when entering a form and the combo is showing an already selected value, there's no ability to format the data - or nicely show multiple columns.

2) We need to format the combo easier - to show more lines (a setting Kendo allows, but we have no access to this), alter colors, etc.
--> You can set an ID to the control, and then in JS, alter the kendo settings. I have done this to show more lines. but Aware uses that ID and if you open multiple tabs of the same BO/same form, this causes a fatal error because you modified the cell ID.

3) there should be a setting which modifies the Combo to show some alternate way of presenting the choices - it looks like a combo for Display/UI purposes, but when you click on it, bring up a PICK FROM query... which alleviates many of the issues (now you can see several columns, can filter & sort, can see more rows, will be faster cause "fetch all records" won't present a delay)

4) In fact, if you don't like bastardizing the Combo-box look & feel, make a new widget thats NOT "Combo-box" ... call it "Pick-from" and its styled a tiny bit diff. than the Combo but has settings to activate a Process (which does the PICK FROM) - many ways to go here.

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