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#52632 by BLOMASKY
Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:57 pm
There is currently System Settings, one per application and Regular User, one per user. Both persistent. Can I suggest we have a new NON-persistent BO, perhaps called Session Variables. It would work like this;
• When user logs on, a unique GUID is created and the Aware server creates an in memory table with this GUID as the key.
• The application can update and read attributes defined for this BO. Initally, since non-persistent, all of the attributes would be UNDEFINED
• When the browser is reloaded, a new GUID is created and therefore a new BO is instantiated.

The advantage of this is that with proper coding, a user can have multiple browser instances open, since it is non persistent, there can be some performance gains, compared to storing variables in LIRU.

Anyone else have a need for this functionality?


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