need to hide .aw or extentions

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need to hide .aw or extentions

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if you closely look at many enterprise apps or platforms they do not put any extentions like .aspx .asp or .aw on their platform end user URL's.
They just have


Sometimes if the extention is not well known end users do not want to visit the site. Need some way to hide .aw extention(easily...). There is a plugin suggested in the forums which kind of works but is very tricky to implement.
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Re: need to hide .aw or extentions

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I played around a little using NGINX to do proxy forwarding which would hide everything that you don't want a user to see. Unfortunately my experience was inconsistent - sometimes the html would download as a text file rather than render. So I gave up to get on with my real work. I don't know if the issue was that NGINX got confused with the .aw extension.
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