FR - Impact Assessment Report

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FR - Impact Assessment Report

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At the moment you can right click and show references to a development item.

This is fine for quick queries on what does this affect.

What would be more useful would be the ability to right click on a development item and be able to select Impact Assessment Report and then be able to produce output that can be saved. If you are trying to assess the time and effort for a "quick change" to a business rule it would be helpful to be able to produce an output of what is really affected. Ideally with the ability to limit the output to BO, Processes, Business Rules, Queries etc.

This would help from an assessment point of view, and also if it is a large change to develop a plan to then work against. It wouldn't be the first time that I started something at lunch time thinking, this will be quick, only to find that the change takes two days. The Referenced By then becomes a bit useless when you are unpicking things.

Obvs if you are just deleting something then an integrity check will allow you to (most of the time) find the threads to unpick, but if it is a change to a series of processes then this doesn't help
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Re: FR - Impact Assessment Report

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