If you think that something doesn't work in Aware IM post your message here
#10944 by aware_admin
Fri Apr 24, 2009 1:47 am
Dear Aware IM Users,

before posting a new topic please search the forum and check that the issue has not been posted before. Please also check that the issue has not been mentioned in the Appendix B of the Aware IM User Guide. When posting indicate the build number of your Aware IM version.

The best way to report a bug is to describe the steps required to reproduce the problem:
1. Do this
2. Do that
3. Problem - describe the problem. Send your BSV file to [email protected] if applicable.

Even better way of reporting a problem is to do a screencast demonstrating the problem. You can use this free software http://www.debugmode.com/wink/ to create screencasts.

The better the problem is described the higher the chance that it will be fixed quickly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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