Field Filters from Queries

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Field Filters from Queries

Post by PointsWell »

Since Build 2625 I have had a problem with attribute filters based on queries no longer returning any data.

These have been working in prior builds and work VERY inconsistently now.

In some cases a simple query will still work
e.g. FIND RefData WHERE RefData.Active='Yes'

While complex queries based on related items (e.g. cascading filters) no longer work.

In other cases simple filters like
FIND RefCountry WHERE RefCountry.Addressable='Yes' has stopped working all together

The only fix is to put the filter directly on the attribute

This is a major PITA as there are some filters that are used repeatedly and require an update to add a sort. Previously this was a change once, now I have to touch 20 different BOs/Attributes/Forms.

Is anyone else experiencing this (or noticed) this?
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Re: Field Filters from Queries

Post by aware_support »

Should be fixed in build 2626
Aware IM Support Team
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