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#50616 by kklosson
Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:10 pm
When placing a query on a mobile VP, the Height parameter is not respected. The result is that the grid scrolls inside its panel regardless of its height. This is true when setting no height parameter or even as small as 1px. I would expect to be able to set no height parameter and for the grid to recognize the bottom of the panel as the bottom of the screen as it does in a non-mobile display. But it doesn't. For example, if there is one item in the list and the panel height is set to display at least that much, the user has to scroll the pane through a lot of blank grid space to get to the bottom of the grid. So I assert that the grid is not respecting its height parameter in a mobile display.

The same layout on a desktop presentation works as expected.

I am using a Responsive Grid (Simple) layout, but tried all other layouts with no improvement.
Testing on iPhone 10, Chrome and Safari are the same.

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