Total items is not visible

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Total items is not visible

Post by jannes »

The "Items 1 -50 of 1234" (on Bottom Right) is not visible when the screen is developed with : Output = New tab

It only appears when you edit a record and close the detail screen.

It would be nice if these totals were shown directly, without any user interaction.
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Re: Total items is not visible

Post by aware_support »

I don't understand what this is about. It would help if you report problems as described in the Sticky area of the General Discussion forum.
Attaching a BSV that reproduces the problem would help a LOT, or a video that demonstrates it or both.
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Re: Total items is not visible

Post by Jaymer »

this is not normal behavior.
at first I didn't understand what you were talking about.
took 3 reads of the message to figure it out.

in this case I agree that a video would help vlad.
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