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#53685 by jannes
Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:42 pm
The (first) screen as a guest-user doesn't show up...

The URL is like :

There is a VP : "Guest". With a dummy command : Create Object the BO
There is an AccessLevel : "Guest" with full access to BO etc..

The Business Space is "development", so logonOp.aw is used.
(in "production" to be changed to logonGuest.aw).

But after "Put under Test" and log in via the browser :
"Invalid credentials or access denied. Please try again."

What is missing.. ?

Users with the “Guest” access level (see Predefined Access Levels) cannot log into the system in the testing mode. If one wants to test the “Guest” access level while working in the testing mode the following can be done:
a. Log in as administrator into the testing mode as described above.
b. Create a new instance of the RegularUser object and set the value of its AccessLevel attribute to ‘Guest’
c. Logout and login as the newly created user.

= Jannes

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