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#43832 by RentProperty
Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:24 pm
Hi Support, I was really hoping that version 8 would allow Ctrl Z / Cmd Z undo/redo as that is something we use a lot. For instance when you are in the middle for writing a large rule and then accidentally delete a piece and you just quickly want to undo the last change or last couple of changes.

This is pretty standard in all tools. IDEs, Word, Excel and the likes.

It would save a ton of time if there was the ability to Select Multiple Menu Items (From a VP menu or a Form's Menu) and then have the ability to copy that to an entirely different form or even object's or VP's menu. Sometimes we have forms that has 10 or 20 operations, and as you expand on that and you have smaller forms for responsiveness you now have to create the same operations in multiple places.

Lastly, it would be great if the indexing of the BSV could be implemented/improved so that the 'Find References' function for a specific element can be Lighting fast. At the moment in a large BSV it takes about 2 minutes to run a single find. When you are busy cleaning up a BSV and have 100 attributes to go through to see what can be removed this takes hours.

Please consider these features as I'm sure everybody would appreciate it. I know it would save me a tremendous amount of time. I also still have 3 more systems to port from 5.9 and this would make that process SO much easier and faster.

Thanks a million support. Don't get me wrong, I'm super stoked with V8 so far. Just these couple of small things that I was dreaming of since V5.9 already. :-)

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