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#271 by 4xjbh
Mon Jan 30, 2006 1:16 am
I am looking for documentation on how to publish to a 3rd party server that only gives access via a control panel via Plesk or equiv.

The App I wish to publish is using Derby. I am guessing ar the moment that I copy the files up, modify the props file and link the server component in to Tomcat?????

How do I proceed?

#272 by aware_support
Mon Jan 30, 2006 3:16 am
What are the capabilities of the 3rd party server?

1) Is it a dedicated server that you can install pretty much anything on or is it a shared server?
2) If it is a shared server does it run Tomcat or JBoss or both? If so, which versions? If it does run Tomcat and/or JBoss what capabilities of deploying custom applications does it offer (e.g. war file deployment etc)?

#273 by 4xjbh
Mon Jan 30, 2006 3:24 am
It is a shared server.

Runs TomCat. Not sure of version or JBoss yet, awaiting response from provider.

Allows upload of WAR files

#274 by aware_support
Mon Jan 30, 2006 4:05 am
The idea is this:

1) You need to get Aware IM running on the 3rd party server (see later for more details on this)
2) Once you get Aware IM running on the 3rd party server you can start uploading and publishing your configurations to this server (see later)

About step 1). You need to do the following:
a) Download .WAR file from our web site. We have two .WAR files - one automatically starts Aware IM server and assumes that JBoss is already running and another one starts both Aware IM server and JBoss. So please check with your provider about JBoss and its version and let us know! (Also check which Tomcat version it is running - it is important!)
b) When Aware IM server runs for the first time on the 3rd party machine it needs to build the default business space. To allow this modify BASServer.props file in the .WAR file to include the following property:
BusinessName=name of your business space
c) By default we include BASServer.props for Derby in the .WAR file. If you want to change to MySQL swap the files inside the .WAR
d) Upload the WAR file to the 3rd party server

About step 2). In theory you can use the Configuration Tool to access the 3rd party server. This, however, requires that relevant ports be unblocked on both sides, which is highly unlikely. So you will need to upload and publish configurations using the browser. To do this:

a) Prepare and test your configuration locally.
b) Export your business space version into a .BSV file using the Export command in the Configuration Tool.
c) Create AUTO_DEPLOYMENT directory under Tomcat root on the 3rd party server and upload your BSV file there. Aware IM will automatically pick up files in this directory and publish them (you will need to re-start Aware IM on the external server each time you want to publish a new version).

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