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#250 by twhitehurst
Tue Jan 24, 2006 2:31 pm
I have a business object called Project and I have a business object called inspections.

I have a one to one relationship of "InspectionProject" and a one to many of "ProjectInspections"

This works find on the form. When I create an Inspection record the system pulls in the project information from the project I am working in.

However, I need to run a query that shows all Projects and their Inspections. When I choose the Business Object of Inspections for the Query, the attribute of InspectionProject is not avaliable?

Am I doing this wrong? I need the result table to show the Project that is associated with the inspection.

#251 by aware_support2
Tue Jan 24, 2006 11:44 pm
All you need to do is to add some shortcut attributes to Inspection object that point to Project attributes. This way the project details will appear to be a part of Inspection object and can be used in query results and other parts of the system as if they were actual Inspection attributes.

For example, if object Project has attribute Name you can add attribute ProjectName of type Shortcut to object Inspection with the attribute path set to InspectionProject.Name. You can then select ProjectName as an attribute to display in the query results for Inspection.

If you have a single form for object Inspection the system will automatically append the newly added attributes to the form. Do not forget to remove the shortcut attributes from the form if you do not want them visible there.

Please check object Loan in the configuration of the Library sample application for an example of shortcut attributes.

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