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#197 by GregH
Tue Jan 03, 2006 5:15 pm
Can I setup an Aware IM external host server using the evaluation version?

If so can you tell me how to set up the external host and how to upload the configuration files?

Windows 2003 server


Greg H

#201 by aware_support
Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:32 am

what are the capabilities of the external server (apart from the fact that it's Windows XP)?

1. Is it a shared server that hosts many web sites/applications or is it a dedicated server that you can install pretty much any software on?
2. If it is a shared server with strict requirements on what can be installed on it:
a) Does it support Java technology?
b) Does it run the JBoss server and if so, which version?
c) Does it run Tomcat and if so, does it allow uploading .WAR files?

#202 by GregH
Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:37 am
Thank you for your fast reply....

Dedicated server.

#204 by aware_support
Wed Jan 04, 2006 1:21 am

if this server is in fact a server on you corporate LAN you can just install the evaluation version on this server and download the standalone version of the Configuration Tool from our web site. Then you can configure applications using this version of the Configuration Tool from any Windows client on your corporate LAN. There is no need to upload configurations files or do anything special - the standalone Configuration Tool will take care of everything. You will be able to run the configured applications from any web browser client within or outside your organization.

If the external server is a remote machine outside your organization, you will need to transfer the installation program (SETUP.EXE) to this host and get it to run there to install Aware IM on this server. Then you would need to install Aware IM locally and use the Configuration Tool to create Aware IM applications. Once you are happy with your applications you can upload them to the remote server from any browser (once you are ready to do this let us know and we'll tell you how - you can also check out the User Manual)

#205 by GregH
Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:06 am
I have loaded the external server with AwareIM. I guess my question is more which config files do I change so I can access my server via the internet. Lets say my AwareIM server's web DNS name is myawareimserver.com. Which config files do I need to change? If this is in the users manual please tell me what page I could not find it.

Thanks again for your help...


#206 by aware_support
Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:58 am

when you install the standalone Configuration Tool it asks you for the name of the server where Aware IM is running, so you would enter myawareimserver.com and you won't need to change anything manually.

There is a setting in the UIConfig.props file located in the BIN directory with the name HostServer that must point to the network or DNS name of the Aware IM server (the installation program sets this value). So if you move the server later you can change this value to point to the new location of the server.

When you are running Aware IM applications from a browser you must enter the following URL to access the login screen:

(or logon.jsp)

Does this answer your question?

#207 by GregH
Wed Jan 04, 2006 3:01 am
Yes it does...

Thank you

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