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#160 by Jolee
Sun Nov 20, 2005 10:46 pm
Please can you point me in the right direction...

I am trying to create a document that lists information from different business objects, but all related to a particular business object.

I can now relate all my information through 'matching attributes' but would like to know a better way ... as in have different queries running to create a document, instead of one query. Is this possible?

Or do I need to create 'matching attributes' for all the information I want from the one business object to be able to create a printable document that lists all of this information for one instance of a business object.

Please let me know if there is a better way.

#161 by aware_support2
Mon Nov 21, 2005 1:01 am

Generally, if an object is logically related to other objects it is a good idea to have attributes on the object that represent these relationships. Usually, but not necessarily, such attributes should have matching attributes on the related objects so the relationship can be traversed from either side.

As for creating documents that include data from multiple related objects, please give me a specific example of relevant objects, their relations, makeup and purpose of the document so I can suggest the best way to do it in Aware IM.

#162 by Jolee
Mon Nov 21, 2005 1:30 am
Here is a list of Business objects with attributes that are related to each other as an example.
This is not all information I need, but a good start to give you an idea of what information is where.

att: Clients --Type: Client

att: System --Type: R_System
att: Trial --Type: y/n
att: Name --Type: Plain Text

att: Properties --Type: Property

att: IPUs --Type: IPU
att: Contact --Type: Contct
att: ThirdParty --Type: Third_Party

Third_Party (has a peer to peer relationship with many business objects, no current relating objects in Third_Party to any other business object)
att: Name
att: Cont --Type: Contct
att: Type

Contct (has a peer to peer relationship with many business objects, no current relating objects in Contct to any other business object)
att: Name
att: Phone etc ..

att: Name
att: IPU_D --Type: Device
att: Lic --Type: I_Lic

att: version --Type: Number

att: IPU --Type: IPU
att: Comps --Type: Components
att: Op_Add --Type: text

att: Type --Type: text
att: Desc --Type: text

A Distributor has many Clients; a Client has only one Distributor
A Client has many R_System; an R_System has only one Client
A R_System has many Property; a Property has only one R_System
A Property has many IPU; an IPU has only one Property
A IPU has only one Device; a Device has only one IPU
An IPU has only one I_Lic; an I_Lic has only one IPU
A Device has many Components; a Component has only one Device

All these business objects have an att: Name

So in a printable document i want to list information:
Distributor Name
Client Name
Property Name
Property Contact Information

Every component listed with relevant details from Components object

Device information

Third Party information:
including contact information

Does this give you an overview?
There is much more information required, but with the same sorts of relationships to IPU.

The document will be created per IPU (IPU_Name) selected by the user.
The purpose is to show all information relating to that IPU.
(I have not listed all attributes in my business objects)


#163 by aware_support2
Mon Nov 21, 2005 4:15 am

The contents of a document template for your document may look something like this:

IPU Name: <<IPU.Name>>
Device Name: <<IPU.IPU_D.Name>>
License: <<IPU.Lic.version>>
Client Name: <<IPU.Property.System.Client.Name>>
PropertyName: <<IPU.Property.Name>>
System Name: <<IPU.Property.System.Name>>
Distributor Name: <<IPU.Property.System.Client.Distributor.Name>>

There are several document types you can choose for the template. You can use a MS-Word document to apply desired formatting so the document looks good when printed, but this will only work if the computer where Aware IM Server is installed also has MS-Word installed. Otherwise, you can use a text document. Please refer to document templates 'Loan overdue letter' and 'Loan overdue letter_Alternative' in the Library sample application for examples of document templates.

Alternatively, you can use type Report for your document template, which will produce a PDF document from the template. It will also allow you to include data on multiple related objects. For example, you could show all the components for a given device. Please refer to document template 'Member details' in the Library sample application for a report example.

To let the users generate the document, you can add an operation to the form for IPU object of type Create Document and specify the name of your template. Then the users can navigate to the desired IPU form and select the operation. You can also configure a query to allow the users to find an IPU by its name (or other criteria) and add a similar operation to the query. Then the users can simply click the operation in the query result table for the desired IPU without even having to navigate to the object form.

#164 by Jolee
Mon Nov 21, 2005 4:28 am
Do the objects have to be related?

Can you select information from complete independant objects in the same report?


#165 by aware_support2
Mon Nov 21, 2005 4:43 am
> Can you select information from complete independant objects in the same report?

Yes. You can configure a report containing sub-reports. Each sub-report will have a separate query that can search for objects not related to objects in the main report or other sub-reports.

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