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#466 by JWS
Thu Feb 23, 2006 10:17 pm
If you allow inline editing on a form, or if you view a form where you have pulled in a reference attribute, say from a child table (oops...I mean child object), you get the data across a single row. This has been driving me nuts, as I can't use inline editing, or view the data without it going way past the right side of the screen. If your're bringing up a form using an edit view, and you have serveral text input boxes with 50 or more characters, it goes way out. I don't want to truncate the text boxes, as I hate it when I can't see all of what I've input.

I've tried the "drop down" and "tree" views, and they're not what I'm looking for. There needs to be a way to have inline editing and ref attribute data come in in columnar form. This would take care of the problem. I think this is an extremely important option.


#467 by aware_support
Thu Feb 23, 2006 11:53 pm
Thanks for your suggestion. We listen very carefully to all requests for new features and we will include them into the next release of Aware IM. Columnar inline editing of references in forms is not supported currently.

In the meantime if you are not happy with rows that get too long you can edit these entries on separate forms by pressing the Edit button.

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