Photo Album sample app - needs updating

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Photo Album sample app - needs updating

Post by Jaymer »

While this app is very nice (visually) as an example of Aware,
it is woefully inadequate for anyone who would need to learn how to do Images with aware.
Because it was done before "store in filesystem". (and now Store in S3)
It would lead someone down the path of storing images in the DB which has been arguably recognized (here on the forum) as "not the right way to do it". And doesn't provide examples on single vs. multi-file upload, and rules for defining your ImagePath variable.

It uses only this statement:

Code: Select all

CREATE Photo FOR EACH FileItem WITH Photo.Author=LoggedInAuthor,Photo.DisplayPhoto=FileItem.Doc 
Leaving a newbie unprepared for FILE_NAME & FILE_EXTENSION adventures, plus a PATH variable in SystemSettings and testing for, and creating subdirectories instead of dumping all images into the same folder.
Is it OK to dump 1000s of images in the same Container in S3? dunno. S3 doesn't care, but it that whats best?

It certainly doesn't use "best practices".
Just my two cents.
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