Help with Locale Translation

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Help with Locale Translation

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Hello, I found this thread which I have tried to follow to the letter ... ion#p24200

I created a new locale - Francaise, exported it and it opened in EXCEL, isolated the english and put it into a new .xlsx file which I then translated using google translate, replaced the @ in the original with the French translation, then concatenated it all back into one string, saved it as a txt file, then renamed the txt file back to a .lcl file, But when I import the reformed file - all I get is empty green lines at the end of the original Locale.

My txt file looks like below and I can't see anything wrong with it so I'm wondering if anything has changed since this original post Just one thing I did - that was I tried a test with just 100 lines (out of 3500) - should I have done the whole lot to create an identical match? Could there be some no-no characters in my English text (like apostrophies or Question marks - I know there are some)

_# From What Date# partir de quelle date#Configuration
_# A glider with a simlar ident exists - aborting process# Un planeur avec un identifiant similaire existe - processus d'abandon#Configuration
_# A record for this period already exists You may need to delete it to avoid a double up. Do You wish to continue# Un enregistrement pour cette période existe déjà. Vous devrez peut-être le supprimer pour éviter un doublon. Souhaitez-vous continuer#Configuration
_# Additional Price# Prix Supplémentaire#Configuration
_# Bank and/or Reconcile# Bancaire et/ou rapprochement#Configuration
_# Base Price# Prix de base#Configuration
"_# Before we proceed I would like to calculate the most up to date balances. Is that OK?# Avant de continuer, je voudrais calculer les soldes les plus récents. Est-ce que ça va ?#Configuration"
_# Club Aircraft# Avions du club#Configuration
_# Create Recurring TX# Créer une transmission récurrente#Configuration

FOOTNOTE - there HAS to be a better way surely?

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