[Mobile App] Build issues

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[Mobile App] Build issues

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Hi All.

Just lost a few pages of typing due to my session expiring, so this will be the ;TLDR version

Its time to publish a new app to the stores, and I'm having issues with Monaca/Cordova/Aware.

I am working to get debug versions of the app built, as there is always a bunch of fixing that needs to happen there.

I am able to get the iOS version of the app to build if I remove the 'cordova-plugin-file-transfer' plugin, but I then cannot download documents, they open in a blank window and users are 'stuck' there and must close and re-open their app.


I cannot get the android app to build remotely at all. I have managed to get it to build using the CLI using Cordova V8/9/10 but not V11. Documents are also not downloading.

I've tried the Aware IM DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT function, as well as various <a> tags with and without the download attribute. These all work in my browser, but not in the mobile app.

Any advice or suggestions, or if anyone has recently gone through the build process, steps needed would be a huge help.

Kind regards,

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