Cant drag Scheduler elements the way I want to...

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Cant drag Scheduler elements the way I want to...

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When I move an event on the scheduler BY DRAGGING, it wants to ONLY make it move in 30-minute increments.
Even though I have the "interval" to 5 minutes defined in the BO.

I can manually make an event be 10:13am, but then dragging it up/down will move it to 10:33am, or 11:13am
I can reset it to 10:00am by manually editing the StartTime, but then still only move in 30 minute slots.

My events are 39 mins in length. So after my 10am event, I want to drag an event into 10:40am - but cannot.

Another odd thing... if you edit the Query and see the preview of the calendar, if you tap on a day it brings up the default Edit window (this has to be enabled). The Time fields only allow 30 min intervals there (and in runtime) instead of the 5 mins that I have defined.
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