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#53190 by gijsvb
Wed Feb 19, 2020 2:25 pm

I am using MariaDB and the default collation for my tables is case insensitive. This is very nice for searching through tables on name etc.

However it turned out the loginname in the SystemUser group is case insensitive too. The users could login with a loginname with a different case as the loginname in the SystemUser group. The login succeeds, but the reference to LoggedInBO is undefined (BO is a BO in the SystemUser group and the loggedin user is a member in this BO)

Sometimes I can use a query to find the user's BO using a find BO.ID=LoggedInSystemUser.ID, but it was quite a surprise the LoggedInBO wasn't defined.

I have now defined my LoginName as being case sensitive in the database. Logins with a different case now fail, but shouldn't this be something handled by AwareIM? Can I somewhere define the BO's attribute to be defined as case sensitive?


Gijs van Ballegooijen.

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