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#52711 by weblike
Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:46 pm
Hello everyone,
I'm planning to move my apps to a new server.
Does anyone have steps for doing this?
1. installing Awareim on new server....Is ok to install trial version or download from awareim.com account(this would not start without a key?
2. Exporting bsv from old server
3. Export SQL DB...
4. import bsv + DB
How I unregister the old server and register the new one?..

I would appreciate if Awaresoft would document this very well, because these kind of tasks should be easy and made flawlessly without any interfere of provider technicians.

Does anyone have such a well documented steps?

Thank you in advance.
#52713 by ACDC
Sat Jan 11, 2020 9:35 pm
I have copied this from one of my how-to notes maybe it will help. I think it's still relevant

Current (old) Machine
1. Do a full export(sql dump) of the database to AppNameFullBackup.sql file, this will serve as the emergency backup
2. Do a selective export (sql dump) to AppName.sql of the tables created by you in the app including BAS_IDGEN (ignore the Aim system tables, they will be auto-created upon the new install)
3. Export your published BSV to AppName.bsv
4. Locate the correct version of AIM dev used in your configurator setup
5. Copy the files to new server
6. NOTE – do not kill old machine as you still need to transfer the license once you have the new server up and running under the 30-day trial status
7. NOTE – Take care of copying over CUSTOM stuff from the AwareIM webapps folder
8. NOTE – If you have SSL setup make sure to copy over the related Tomcat folders
9. Also, make sure you keep a back-up of the AwareIM install after cleaning out temporary files and system logs

New Machine
1. Install Database
2. Install correct AwareIm version (it will default to 30-day trial giving you time to transfer license)
3. Import AppName.bsv
4. Publish AppName
5. Restore AppName.sql to the newly installed DB
6. Check the app for functionality (login user)
7. In the configurator create new version of App and publish to ensure no issues with dev setup
8. Transfer license from old machine – Send email to Support requesting instructions to transfer a license

hope that makes sense
#52716 by weblike
Sun Jan 12, 2020 4:57 pm
Thank you very much for these details.
I really appreciate it!

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