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#52643 by ddumas
Wed Jan 08, 2020 3:37 pm
Well, I provisioned an AWS instance, enabled port 80 inbound, installed AwareIM, changed the control panel settings to use port 80, imported, and published my .bsv . The AwareIm Control panel is up and running, and via the output in the control panel, Tomcat's output looks fine. AwareIM correctly connected to the database and created all the objects. Config tool starts, and all is grand.. However..…….

[redacted]/awareim/logonAdmin.html does not connect via the browser from the outside world.

AWS tech support has confirmed that port 80 is indeed working, that they are able to telnet to the public IP address for the AWS instance. As such, they are saying that my application which uses Tomcat web server is absolutely the issue, and that something in the Tomcat "realm" is not set correctly, to listen on port 80.

Does anyone out there use AWS, who has had a similar issue?


#52659 by PointsWell
Wed Jan 08, 2020 8:22 pm
You need to be able to access port 8080 which is what Tomcat uses.

You can either open the port on your firewall or you can use Proxy Forwarding. To do so you'd need Apache or NGINX or IIS to accept on port 80 and forward the request to port 8080 internally, or reassign Tomcat to port 80.

I played about with NGINX for a week or so and kinda got it working but not really, so I stopped experimenting. I've not looked at Apache and IIS is Windows and a total unknown for me.

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