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#52578 by ddumas
Sun Dec 29, 2019 11:22 pm
NOT(EXISTS MemberBlocks WHERE (MemberBlocks.BlockedMember=LoggedInMember AND MemberBlocks.Member=Member))

The above works great in a WHERE clause for a query, but in an "Applicable" condition on a query grid record operation, is ignored.

Member owns MemberBlocks (allow multiple) MemberBlocks.Member points back to the parent Member. MemberBlocks.BlockedMember points to a peer Member (who is being blocked).

So, the condition should not allow the (Email in this case) record operation to appear if the MemberBlocks.BlockedMember is the LoggedInMember, for the Member that has "blocked" them.

I use "Applicable" conditions on query grids record operations, and they work great. this one gives no error but is just ignored.

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