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#52652 by numberz
Wed Jan 08, 2020 5:00 pm
So much emotion! :)
Phew, as I was reading, a lot of things were going through my mind.
1) Most important of anything I've ever experienced here is the fact that Mark Bailey is perhaps the kindest soul I've ever met. I mean it. Mark has shown me (AND YOU!) nothing but kindness and passion. I "met" Mark even before I purchased AwareIM. He instantly made it know to me that he wanted me to succeed and would help me in any way possible. He gave me hope, he rekindled my passion to re-create something that my father created 40 years ago. THAT'S what this wonderful man does...every day! Mark always has the passion to help and that is such a great quality to have here. I bought the recorded 2018 conference and revisit it, over and over and over. For the price of "admission" to that information, I received SO MUCH INFORMATION! It's literally a moot subject! There is no cost to this IMO. Can you imagine paying someone just a lousy $20/hour to explain all of this stuff??? It would cost you many thousands...do the math. The cost of these recorded packages are just a "token" gesture from Mark, a labor of love, literally, a freebie. Listen, the man just retired from a mining company, do you think that he's funding his lifestyle with this money?

2) I would ask that Vladimir create a "Newbie" area on this forum. I feel that it would help us Newbies tremendously. It's intimidating coming here, asking questions, only to be replied to in some "iron ruler" or "gestapo" fashion. Reminds me of the Monty Python question skit: ""what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" When Arthur asks the old man whether he means an African or European swallow, the bridge keeper is unable to answer, and is thus launched into the chasm. When Sir Belvedere asks how Arthur knows so much about swallows, he replies, "you have to know these things when you're king." By being able to post in a "Newbie" section, we could literally separate the men from the boys. I'm a boy. Someday I want to be an AwareIM man :)

3) We're all just rock stars, living in a Rock and Roll world my friends. Let's treat each other the way we would like to be treated. What's that saying? "I wish I was half as good as my dog thinks I am"? Let's all be at least half that good.

4) I agree that we should post that something has been solved. I think I may be guilty as charged, I'd have to go check. Oh, I don't think we do it on purpose, just sometimes, we're on a roll, asking and posting and well, we forget. I for one can't thank all of you who have helped me enough and really am so appreciative of any and all of your help. BUT...no excuse and I promise to make sure that I post "solved", etc. from today forward.

5) Vladimir! We need a new video called "Inside the mind of Vladimir" :) It would be an amazing thing to see just what makes you tick. You're extremely amazing my man. Mark even says that you are more amazing than we know and that if we think that that RanFab sample is something cool...try to wrap your head around the mind that is behind the software that made it all possible! Thank you, one million times.

Lastly...Happy New Year to all. I hope that 2020 is an amazing year for all of us.

Thank you.

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