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#52292 by ddumas
Fri Dec 06, 2019 4:56 pm
I have an application could be very email process intensive. With that in mind, is it best to use AwareIM's built-in outgoing / incomming email capabilities, or to send/receive through a 3rd party API, such as Zapier and MailChimp?

Example Reqs:

The app can send email from one member A, to another member B through the app, where no email addresses are shared between members.
The app can receive a reply from Member B, and send that replies out to Member A
The above sequence can repeat
Links can be embeded in the email
Some links will just be regular links, not associated with , or designed to use a reply
Some links, when clicked on, could then get back to the app and run a process (action)

I am thinking that I should not store any text from the exchange, other then things like :
"Email Sent", "Email received", "Email Event Request sent", "Email Event Request received and Accepted", ""Email Event Request received and Declined"

..depending on the process that triggered the email or the process that received the incoming email.



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